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classic styling and exceptional comfort. The all-weather wicker is infused with UV inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking ordinarily caused by sunlight. It offers all-weather endurance so you can use it all year. Made from durable materials such as aluminum and foam, it also holds up against regular use. The classic styling blends in with all types of decor. The 3-piece woven bistro set seats 2. Create an outdoor haven with the simple, yet stylish table

construction and attention to detail as the full-sized version. The flexible trampoline surface absorbs shock, taking stress off the joints, making it accessible to a variety of fitness levels. Lightweight enough to be carried easily, it can still handle weights up to 250 pounds. The hand rail adjusts for various heights and adds stability for a low-impact, effective, calorie-burning workout. Every Pure Fun mini trampoline features a padded cover over the springs and frame for safety. The hand rail is equipped with grips for added control. This mini trampoline with hand rail has a small footprint that makes it an ideal

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